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Seeing the Light 9.23.18

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Today we recognize the arrival of the autumnal equinox; already? How did our summer sail by so quickly? Was I not paying enough attention to our warm humidity and the ravenous humming birds? They say that time flies when you’re having fun, while winter for me is like biding my time in an unpleasant waiting room. Tick-tock our days grow shorter by the seconds, every single day until spring.

Less light, and less warmth will eventually lead to colder weather and finally our beautiful trees will be naked, again. I do not like cold and I really do not like snow. I like my woodlands rich and lush, however thriving luxuriant forests hinder my view of the night sky, and I absolutely love a rich lapis lazuli night sky.

The daylight turns to indigo and this is the time when there is a chill in the air to pull on a sweater and pour a glass of rich red Malbec wine and enjoy our patio. Light the fire pit and take a moment to count the stars overhead and listen to the birds settle in for the night. We may wish to take a little time away from technology and autumnal evenings were made for candlelight, delicious wine and wonderful company.

What’s on the fall television schedule? Isn’t that why we have those handy DVR’s, so we can enjoy our life in actual time and watch our favorite shows when the weather isn’t so favorable to the glow of a fire pit. Life is precious; we should be gathering up those golden moments before the weather turns dreary and we’re camped inside waiting for better temperatures. The obvious reason for watching a particular program is because we want to be transported safely to another location without the inconvenience of having to actually to go out into the world. Travel offers adventure and also misadventure as well, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz we can enjoy the night sky in the comfort of our own backyards.

For our next installment of The Guild my drawing was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. The painting is a rich portrait of the night sky painted by someone, who at the time was a resident of a hospital. It is clear and obvious now that Vincent van Gogh suffered with depression and his pain may have led to his early and unfortunate death. Look at the rich legacy he left, spite of his terrible illness he passionately pursued painting and that can benefit us all.

For me art is an enormously fulfilling opportunity, because while the television programming may be disappointing a wet medium like paint doesn’t permit any laziness. I might be whimsical with a pastel sketch, but paint and especially acrylic paint doesn’t carry sluggishness and I must have my game plan in place before I pour any paint.

I look to the outdoors for inspiration and even to the masterpieces Mr. Van Gogh left to us. He was not truly appreciated in his own lifetime and died tragically by his own hand, the very same hand that created the stunning Starry Night painting. If he had the realization that he was creating work that would be valued at upwards of one hundred million dollars would he have found the way to go on with life?

We may enjoy the opulent paintings of Vincent van Gogh in many of the cosmopolitan communities throughout the world or we may take a moment to enjoy the actual night sky with our particular tribe. What are you doing tonight? Why not enjoy the night sky the way our ancestors did; around a glowing fire with loved ones.

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