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Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse, 6.24.21

June seems like a fine time to have a sweep through my closet. I have opened my closet many times over the months of the pandemic if only to whisper wistfully to myself, I really miss wearing you at some place fun. We were not essential and so our top priority was well, staying healthy and not contributing to the strain healthcare workers were under. Staying in and only walking the beach or riding our bicycles; t-shirts and shorts were all we really needed, no dress code on a tropical island.

Incredibly talented musician friends of ours kept our spirits up by presenting a happy hour we could all groove to and see other friends joining in on a social media platform. We were all in our bubbles or what felt like bunkers only we were together in our aloneness. Robinson Crusoe was truly alone while we still had a community.

Community is what we all missed while we socially distanced, and self isolated, but now that we have a vaccine we can again join in and be social. When I cleared out and bagged all the clothes that I still loved but were three sizes too large I knew exactly where I would take them. Here on Sanibel Island we have a marvelous charity in Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark is where everybody shops for the best deals and nearly everything has been previously owned, loved, and gently worn. Living on Sanibel of course I did not drive our car but rather bungee strapped my donation bag to my bicycle’s back fender. When I arrived at the parking lot there was already a line; spoiler alert: there’s always a line.  People will start forming a queue as early as 7:30 am just for a chance to shop here; the doors do not open till 9:30 am.

Sure I had my bag of donations ready to give, but I planned on shopping too. People come from near and far to find the treasures they know are here. I spent just $15.00 and came away with six new tops that not only will keep the sun off my shoulders, but off my arms as well. I could have ordered similar items online; however Noah’s Ark had a sale that day so instead of spending $30.00 to $60.00 each my bicycle basket was filled for just $15.00.  All the pleasure of a morning ride on my classic Schwinn bicycle for a treasure trove of cotton and linen tops, that will shield my skin from the sun and none of the gooiness of sunscreen.

Knowing the morning transaction was accomplished on a bicycle while shade kept the palms and giant ferns moist and me cool was fabulous.  Better still was the knowledge that purchasing from a local charity continues to contribute to our local community is a marvelous feeling. Recycle, repurpose, reuse is easy and the chance to meet and chat with new faces while I waited in line was fun as well, and isn’t that what community is all about? 

My little watercolor A Community of Fishes is accented with India ink.

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