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A Dark Radiance

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Luna gazed at her sister Terra reflectively, for once they were one. Her heart did not pulse with same vibrancy as when she and her sister were a single celestial body orbiting around their splendid golden star. Catastrophe divided them and left Luna to satellite her vibrant lapis-blue sister. Only when she was full and lit by their fiery goddess Soleil did Luna feel she regained her former splendor, for then she shown like a dazzling little star.

Peering through the deep blue void that separated Luna from her former self and then to Soleil who for one special night in thirty would cast her glow upon her and then she felt fabulous, radiant. Luna waited patiently for the light to fall on her face and to illuminate her surface. It seemed intolerable to be left in the dark so much, and yet without dark who can see the light?

Let Terra have her blue seas and green trees and snow capped mountains, Luna’s silvery brilliance controlled the very ebb and flow of Terra’s deep waters. Were it not for Luna’s strong pull Terra’s enormous seas would be merely vast stagnant lakes. Let the little kings of Terra boast of Luna’s infertile atmosphere, for without her powerful presence their shining seas would cease to shine and life as they knew it would cease to be.

The celestial bodies hummed along in their ethereal heavenly waltz across the night skies while people watched from their sandy seats by the sea. The moonrise was moments away and there on the horizon was the brilliant giant silver orb. As the golden sun melted into the blue waters on one horizon on the opposite horizon introduced the luminous Luna. And the event the people had gathered for: sea turtles hatching up from the still warm sand. The little hatchlings scrambled towards the salty surf that reflected the moon’s brilliancy off the surface.

Luna smiled at the irony, infertile atmosphere; why she was the rolling dance by which all sea life counted its very existence.


Tales from the Sea


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