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A Midwinter’s Dream

A begining Flight at Night 12.3.17

When we think of repressive regimes that intrude on our liberties as beings on our planet what in effect happens is it influences our dreams as well. Of all the cultures that have been documented there is usually what we see as a counter culture of rebellion; as in the French Revolution, American Revolution, and even the Spanish Revolution. While these events happened decades or even hundreds of years ago the effects are still felt even today. Eventually I will see the wondrous city of Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea with my own eyes but in the interim I have enjoyed the extraordinary images of Salvador Dali and unbelievable architecture of Antonio Gaudi via books, museum exhibitions and even documentaries on their individual works.

I am certainly not suggesting individuals imaginations be repressed, but it would seem in some cases it is rebellion that fans the flame of passion in an artist’s heart. If all things were exactly as we liked it and everyone had a mono vision of our society I believe we would be a colossal colony of ants and not human beings. How dull; but very efficient our civilization would be and yet we would lose the innovations of Leonardo di Vinci, and the wonder of Galileo all so we could be well organized and efficient at our productions. And that I think is what we as individuals must ask ourselves; what is our purpose?

Are we to be defined by our purchases and our possessions like the notorious magpie that seeks to adorn their nests with bright objects? Humans when able have gone to extreme ends to define themselves via ink, body piercings, automobiles, posh zip codes and even body augmentation. Why is the question that comes to my mind, will it make the human experience better? Certainly a posh address and luxury car will make the day seem sweeter, but for me many of my days begin with trying to capture and record the imagery and stories I witnessed in my dreams.

Dreams are that magic we strive to achieve or recreate in our waking world what we have only witnessed in our sleep. They are in fact that elusive creature like the mythical white stag of Arthurian legend we try to lasso and bring back to our peers to display as our greatest achievement. In art as in literature I have my personal favorites of those individuals that saw the everyday world that we all do and yet they had a vision of something a little more fabulous and more marvelous as in the golden paintings of Gustav Klimt or the writings of William Shakespeare.

Dreams are something that define us in spite of our modern affiliations. Dreams are an occurrence that science has many explanations for and yet what of those dreams that forecast the actual future? That would seem to touch on the divine; the ability to have a message delivered to us in our sleep by a guide or guardian.

Dreams are the beginning of change for my heroine Cygnus in my chronicle The Guild, introduced here on my website for the very first time and to be serialized with my full moon posts. Every full moon post will have a new installment, culminating in the final episode for December 2018’s final full moon. Here’s to a new year of adventure and revelations about ourselves and our society. Journals are a way of recognizing our own personal evolution and opportunity to advance our goals to a new avenue. Who will you be December 22, 2018?

A Begining 12.3.17


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